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Welcome to my Airbus A380 site!
Development of the Airbus A380 was started in June 1994. The massive passenger aircraft was revealed at the beginning of 2005 in Toulouse, France. The first flight took place on January 18th, 2005, at 10:29am, from Blagnac International Airport in Toulouse.
The A380 is expected to enter service in late 2006. The first aircraft will be delivered to Singapore Airlines. Qantas, Malaysia Airlines, Kingfisher Airlines and many other airlines have also ordered A380s. A total of 149 A380s have been ordered so far. Each A380 costs about $250 million.
Back in the days of the Boeing 707, air travel used to be a luxury. Now it has become a long, airborne bus ride. How did air travel change from something so many people enjoyed to such an inconvenience?
The answer is that today, the number of people who fly on commercial airliners has tripled since the 707 was released, and is expected to double again by about 2020. Larger airliners were built, such as the famous Boeing 747, which was released in the 1960s. Seats became more and more cramped, as airline carriers struggled to fit as many passengers as possible onto one plane.
The A380 brings back the luxuries of air travel to the 21st century. The aircraft will be able to seat 555 passengers, while providing comforts such as a lounge and a bar. There are also two staircases leading up to the second deck of the plane, each decorated with a water fountain underneath.
And, even though the A380 is the biggest, heaviest passenger aircraft ever built, it will be one of the most environmentally-friendly things in the air. The Airbus will burn less fuel than a 747, so airliners may charge less for people to fly.